Engineering Notebooks

This year, a couple of labs I’m in require keeping a notebook; with numbered pages, dated entries, and written in ink only. Up to this point I hadn’t put much though into it and mostly just added information in there that was required for marks (be it for pre-lab or other) and some data collection. […]

A Little About Me

Like most engineers, I grew up taking things apart and putting them back together in order to understand how they worked. Little did I know then, this would eventually lead me to where I am today. A bit of a black sheep in my family, I enjoyed science and math and excelled in those subjects […]


Welcome to my page! As with anything in life, this site will never be considered “complete.” However, it will take some time to get it to the point where I am satisfied with the content, at which point only regular updates will be required to remain current with my journey. As such, please be patient […]